A Superior Massage
Alyssa Rose Karsten, Board Certified Massage Therapist


Fab Forty Massage


Low on time?   Take 40 minutes to relax with this massage that focuses on neck, back and feet.  Hot towels and stones included!


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Beyond Relaxing Swedish Massage

60 Min. - $70

90 Min. - $100

Warm moist towels with hot basalt lava stones across your back begin this highly relaxing treatment into oblivion!  Includes custom-blend aromatherapy.   Swedish massage promotes general relaxation, nourishes skin, removes metabolic waste, helps range of motion, and relieves muscle tension.  Soothing, gentle, and nurturing, it can help reduce emotional and physical stress.  It is often recommended as part of a regular program for stress management.  Light to firm pressure.




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Pain Relief Therapeutic Massage

40 min. $55.00

60 min. $80.00

A variety of techniques will be utilized according to the client's personal needs.  These can include deep tissue massage, trigger point, stretching, and MyoKinesthetic Technique.

Also used are warm moist towels, custom-blend aromathapy, basalt lava stones, Himalayan salt stones, and warm bamboo sticks.




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Couples Massage

$160.00 per hour 

Looking for a relaxing and comforting place to enjoy spending time with a loved one?  Why not book a couples massage?  




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MyoKinesthetic System (MYK)

$40 per session  

What is the MyoKinesthetic System?  Problems in the nervous system affect all other systems. One of the main things MYK addresses is posture.  The MyoKinesthetic System identifies the problem and manipulates the specific muscles to balance the nervous system, relieving pain and restoring mobility.  If you have pain, numbness, tingling, limited range of motion, it helps:

  • Relieve the root problems causing pain
  • Rebalance the nervous system

The MyoKinesthetic System uses non-invasive techniques to alleviate pain naturally from where it originates.

 You don't get undressed, no oils or lotions are used, 15 - 35 minutes.  

Most people notice the benefits within 1 -4  sessions if done in the first week. 


 Has been known to help with the following:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Headaches: tension, migraine, hormonal, cluster

  • Shoulder Problems:  frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, bursitis, impingement, post surgery

  • Carpal Tunnel, elbow issues

  • Neuropathy

  • Hip and other joint problems

  • Limited range of motion due to surgery or injury

  • Sciatica, RSD

  • Altered tone due to CVA/Stroke

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Massage Packages

Swedish Massage:  3 (60 min.) - $200

Pain Relief/Therapeutic: 3 (60 min.) - $230

MyoKinesthetic Technique - 6 sessions - $210

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